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Building a challenger in the Nordic Ecare market

In this case, we finalized the sale to Nordic health care consulting & software company. The buyer is owned by large venture capital fund headquartered in Finland.

Our client was a small consulting company focused on the Swedish Health care market. Part of the company's success in this demanding market was a customer driven mix of consulting services, software development and application management. We advised the owner and management of the seller during the process and also assisted them during the due diligence.

Before the sale, we had a long-term advisory role with the seller, e.g. assisted them during dialogues with other potential buyers.

The price paid to the seller was high relative to similar listed companies and also contained a substantial cash part. Ablona contributed to the high valuation through solid argument for a strategic premium. Also, in the new joint company, key people from the our client were given strategic roles in the company management.

Lesson learned: Focusing on a specific segment is one way of increasing the value of your sales-option.

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