We publish some of our own research and research of others that we find interesting.

Calculated weighted average EV/EBITDA and EV/Sales ratios for Nordic listed companies within our chosen sectors are periodically published.

We also publish our counts and trends of registered M&A transactions

14 Jun 2018

A 'programmatic' acquisition strategy is best creating 'ownership value' compared to other growth strategies. Also with less risk.

6 Sep 2017

The objective with HULO Map™ is to capture and visualize an organization's business model, the competitive environment it operates in, cost drivers and resulting cash flows. The elements in HULO Map™ are very briefly explained.

13 Sep 2016

Decision making is difficult. In the song “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash from 1981, the narrator doesn’t know what to do and asks us- his listeners – and his anonymous darling for advice “Should I stay or should go?”.

In the con...

19 Aug 2016

Recent industrial sales of Swedish business critical hosting/outsourcing companies indicate a strategic demand for this capability. 

Sales weighted multiple for the recent strategic transactions in Sweden is (EV/Sales) 2.1....

19 Nov 2012

'Ownership Value' explained and Ablona's tools for managing.

11 Oct 2011

Spotify has posted the group figures for 2010. According to Financial Times, October 10th, their business model could be questioned.


It's not good if total cost are higher than revenues. It's even worse when 'cost of sales' are higher than...

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