Ablona hjälper ägare att Sälja Företag, snarare än företagsförmedling. Här presenterar vi exempel på uppdrag kring ägarfrågor som handlar om att sälja företag, tillväxt genom förvärv, företagsvärdering och strategisk support är andra viktiga tjänster.

Ablona are specialized in working with knowledge-intensive companies, where people, know how and company culture matters. Example of our customers are found within:

  • Architecture

  • Engineering

  • High Tech

  • IT

  • Management Consulting

  • Security


Since discretion is most often essential for our work we present some of our customer cases anonymously below. Below you will find some of our customer cases that we believe justify our business. Feel free to contact us and we most often can arrange for further contact and information regarding a specific case.

29 Apr 2016

Ablona was contacted by a company that delivers Web Solutions and System Integration. They realized the difficulty being a small supplier to large companies and organizations, facing demands for larger capacity and competitive offerings....

26 Apr 2016

A fast growing Consulting Engineering company with a unique combination of services (architects and construction project managers) wanted to have a plan for how to build value in their company for the next couple of years.


The two owners ha...

19 Apr 2016

An enterprise mobility software pioneer since the early 2000s, the company realised that in order to continue on its chosen path it needed to seek an buyer since its existing shareholders and stakeholders had literally "moved on".

Ablona was...

20 Nov 2011

A multinational group, one of the largest in Europe, covering several industries experienced a weakness  in their technical security offerings in Sweden. The decision was to try to acquire a company that could fill the gap.


Ablona was assig...

6 Oct 2011

A trade sale of a software development company in a fragile state but with a very competent product.


A small software company in a growing but very fragmented industry. The company was in a fragile phase of its development with only a handf...

1 Mar 2008

In this case, we finalized the sale to Nordic health care consulting & software company. The buyer is owned by large venture capital fund headquartered in Finland.



Our client was a small consulting company focused on the Swedish Health car...

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