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Some facts about SAYP
and Ablona's assignment


Ablona has an assignment to identify and qualify companies that fit SAYP Group's acquisition criterias.  


SAYP has been an integral part and force in the Swedish and Scandinavian IT landscape since the early days of internet.

Our history dates to Explizit, which by 1999, had already developed and implemented a complete client management system for Svensk Bilprovning. In the following decade, through numerous mergers and acquisitions and talent recruitment, SAYP was formed. 

SAYP is looking for software companies or software solutions that are part of e.g. consulting companies. 

The culture at SAYP is based on entrepreneurship, initiative, intelligence and a willingness to learn and evolve. 

SAYP believes in founders and key persons to remain in the operation.


Contact Ablona for additional information

 Ablona contact:

Engagement manager: Fredrik Döberl, +46 735 14 76 81

* Christian Ankarcrona, +46 735 14 76 82

* Carl-Magnus Larson, +46 735 14 76 80

NB: Ablona has no ownership interests or other ties to SAYP.
Read more about Ablona here.

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